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Jul 30, 2017

Drunken Lullabies
EP 87 “The Drama Continues”


Band/Label/Artist/Beer Twitter Handles: @DESTIHLbrewery, @GetSpiked13, @IdleClassBand, @Pipeworksbrewin, @LazyMagnolia
Show Notes: The Voice is back at home finally and is hanging with some friends and newcomers to the show, Chris & Gene. Dustin plays Spin the Bottle from Iron Spike Brewing Company, and then we try some beers from Pipeworks, & Lazy Magnolia, along a Sponsor Spotlight from Destihl BreweryOur Band of the Week is Idle Class from Germany and we enjoy a few songs from them between beers. Subscribe, Rate, and Review the show on iTunes, and email us at to be featured on Drunkamaniac Mail.