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Nov 28, 2022

  1. DEMASHUP - All I Want For Christmas Is Anaconda (Mariah Carey v Nicki Minaj)
  2. Original Bread - All I Want For Christmas Is Soulja Boy (mariah Carey v Soulja Boy)
  3. Voicedude - F*** You , Santa! (Cee-Lo Green v Jackson 5)
  4. DJ Schmolli - Santa A Go-Go
  5. Divide & Kreate - Little Breakbeat Boy
  6. Mojochronic - Whoville (Won't Get...

Nov 25, 2022

Nov 25, 1992 vs 2002

We are almost done with our gallon of Christmas Ale and you can tell .We discuss the PB&J years of the show, 92 and 02. We have some new debuts and a backwards Retweet. What does that mean? It has to do with the cycles.

Want to watch the music videos for all the songs? Well here's a convenient...

Nov 21, 2022

  1. Bill McClintock -My World Is Empty Without You, Maneater (The Supremes v Hall & Oates)
  2. n4hte - I'm Still Maneating (Elton John v Hall & Oates)
  3. Magik Mike - Part Time Maneater (Hall & Oates v Stevie Wonder)
  4. DJ Cutt - Shake It Off, Mickey (Taylor Swift v Toni Basil)
  5. lobsterdust - Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk v Avril...

Nov 18, 2022

Nov 18, 1982 vs 2012

We have a guest! Our friend Jeff joins us for some banter and music talk. Does he know the songs? Not necessarily. Does he vote? Sometimes. Plus Kevin sings a lot. Enjoy!

Want to watch the music videos for all the songs? Well here's a convenient playlist that has them all in order of their matchups...

Nov 14, 2022

  1. Lewis Wake - Hypno Chaise Lounge (Wet Leg v Rezz & deadmau5)
  2. Dan Mei - Stronger Than You & Me (Kelly Clarkson v Electric Lady Lab ft Snap)
  3. Voicedude - I Want You Shot (Jackson 5 v Billy Joel)
  4. Justin Kayes - That's Not My Name (The Tings Tings v The Knack v Toni Basil)
  5. The Hood Internet - Good Old Fashioned Rump Shaker...