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Mar 28, 2022

Mash-Up Monday 3/28/22

After a conversation on a recent episode of Radio Rewind, I was inspired to dig out my old mash up CD-Rs and do something with them. Peoria may not have been ready for this music in the clubs 20 years ago, but let's see how it plays in Peoria now.

This mix was made of more recent tracks and the artists are listed below

  1. Adriana A - Part of My Sweetness (Katy Perry vs. Jimmy Eat World)
  2. MsMiep - Don't You Forget My Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Simple Minds vs. Verka Serduchka)
  3. IamJstncrdble - Hayley Crockett (Paramore vs. The Wellingtons)
  4. tbc aka Instamatic - A Message To Artists [In The Middle of the Crowd] (Jimmy Eat World vs. Etherwood vs. Charles Bukowski)
  5. Vixoria Drift - Friday (Hey Oh) (Rebecca Black vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  6. GladiLord - Cows Will Never Hurt You (Doja Cat vs. My Chemical Romance)
  7. GladiLord - Chasing Jealousies (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Bring Me The Horizon)
  8. MashGyver - Bye Bye Puppets (Metallica vs. NSYNC)
  9. Bill McClintock - Crazy Black Magic (Prince vs. Slayer)
  10. djBC - ill Submarine (Beatles vs. Beastie Boys)
  11. fnogg - Ain't It Gonna Be 500 Miles Of Fun (The Proclaimers vs. Paramore)