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Apr 18, 2022

Mash-Up Monday 4/18/22

After a conversation on a recent episode of Radio Rewind, I was inspired to dig out my old mash up CD-Rs and do something with them. Peoria may not have been ready for this music in the clubs 20 years ago, but let's see how it plays in Peoria now.

This mix was made of more recent tracks and the artists are listed below

  1. The Weeknd ft Shanice & Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming (I Love Your Smile) S.I.R. Remix
  2. Go Home Productions - Finally Did You No Wrong (CeCe Peniston v Sex Pistols)
  3. Hit Amber Up (311 v 2Pac ft Outlawz)
  4. We Are Blank (fun. v Taylor Swift)
  5. Here I Shout At the Centerfold Again (J Geils Band v Tears for Fears v Whitesnake)
  6. I Got Girls (Motley Crue v James Brown)
  7. Behind These Rusted Eyes (Kelly Clarkson v Billy Talent)
  8. iWillBattle - Brutal It Up (Olivia Rodrigo v Elvis Costello)
  9. Call Me America (Carly Rae Jepsen v Childish Gambino)
  10. Things My Demon Said (TATU v Starset)
  11. In The End Remix (Linkin Park v 14 Artists)
  12. Lose Yourself In the Blue Sky (Eminem v ELO)
  13. This Is How You Lose Yourself (Eminem v Nickelback)