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Mar 21, 2022

Mash-Up Monday 3/21/22

After a conversation on a recent episodes of Radio Rewind, I was inspired to dig out my old mash up CD-Rs and do something with them. Peoria may not have been ready for this music in the clubs 20 years ago, but let's see how it plays in Peoria now.

This mix was made of more recent tracks and the artists are listed below

  1. fnogg - Evermiddle (Foo Fighters v Jimmy Eat World)
  2. Lewis Wake - Perfect Thot Shit Exceeder (Megan Thee Stallion vs. Mason & Princess Superstar)
  3. MixmstrStel - Girl Drank Tequila After Dark (AFI vs. Various Artists)
  4. Adamusic - Good 4 Ur Misery Business (Olivia Rodrigo v Paramore)
  5. Titus Jones - We Don't Talk About Backstreet (Encanto v Backstreet Boys v Shakira)
  6. Richest Llama - Levidating (Dua Lipa v Blink182)
  7. IamJstncrdble - I Want To Make Damn Sure What Love Is (Taking Back Sunday vs. Foreigner)
  8. The Legion of Doom - The Quiet Screaming (Brand New v Dashbaord Confessional)
  9. Dunproofin' - Bring Me The Human League (Bring Me The Horizon vs The Human League)
  10. CastleR - Boring D.A.N.C.E. (Janet Jackson vs. Justice vs. Paramore)