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Feb 5, 2017

Drunken Lullabies
EP 62 “Would Still Bang”


Band/Label/Artist/Beer Twitter Handles: @DESTIHLbrewery, @NarrowGauge, @scratchbeer, @dogfishbeer, @founderbrewery, @Megoshband
Show Notes: It's almost Valentine's Day, so The Voice is at Drunken Lullabies Studios with Freckles and our friends Flannel Mouth Tyler and Brandi the Waitress for a couples episode. We drink some beers from Narrow GaugeScratchDogfish Head, and Founders; plus we enjoy a sponsor beer from FoBAB Gold Medal and GABF Silver Medal winners Destihl Brewery. Our Band of the Week is Megosh, and Josh & Derv from Megosh join The Voice for an interview and we play a few songs from them. So sit down with the love of your life, grab some beers, and laugh along with us as we celebrate Valentine's Day a week early.