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Dec 11, 2016

Drunken Lullabies
EP 54 “Sunday Morning Drinking”


Band/Label/Artist/Beer Twitter Handles: @DESTIHLbrewery, @foundersbrewing, @oskarblues, @GooseIsland, @funkybuddhabrew,  @starflyer59, @anakinmusic, @golden_rules_
Show Notes: The Voice & Beermansky are up early on a Sunday to drink some coffee stouts. Helping out this episode is A.R.C. & Foxy Drew. We enjoy some beers from FoundersOskar BluesGoose IslandFunky Buddha, plus a sponsor beer from FoBAB Gold Medal and GABF Silver Medal winners Destihl Brewery. Our Band of the Week is actually 4 past Bands of the Week and some Christmas songs they've recorded; Starflyer 59AnakinHuntingtons, & Golden Rules. Topics discussed this week include Coffeewithanen, Drinking Babies, Badge Whores, Christmas Music, Desert Island Beer, Embarrassing High School Stories, Working Retail, and Picks of the Week.