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Apr 10, 2016

Throwing caution to the wind, The Voice is still drinking at the FCF Podcast Marathon and decided to record a second show around midnight. Jason: The Bottlecap Kid, LowBlow's Atom Z, Sex with Heather's Heather, & the Guy Who Sleeps With Sex With Heather's Heather (Adym) sit down to enjoy some Urban Chestnut beers with Dustin and get silly. Topics include Atom's On Top, Binny's/Benny's, Golden Tongue, Room Temperature Beer, Speaking of Jerkoffs....., It's Not Wednesday, Spirit of the Liquor, Jason Loves Nibs, The American Dream, Emailing Ilan Mitchell-Smith, and the Bernie Sanders Express. Our Band of the Week is Fossil Youth from Enid, OK and we enjoy two of their songs this episode.