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Mar 20, 2016

The Voice and Beermansky are live at IBWIP Studios as part of the FCF Network marathon. Joined by Hippie and Big E, they enjoy several beers from Founders Brewing this episode, as well as a Sponsor Spotlight beer from DESTIHL Brewing. With a live audience sitting in, we discuss Founding Founders, Let's Talk About Hippie's Hair, Eggseronious, O.B.D., Hard Tongue, Doo Wop Drunken Lullabies, Pumpkin Instigator, Drip Tip, Privyet, Stallone's In the House, Drinking at The Force Awakens, Mugshot Mondays, and Cheap Plugs. Our Band of the Week is Have Mercy and we feature two of their songs in the show.