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Mar 13, 2016

Dustin & Blake are hanging in Blake's Love Hole with their buddy Nearly Silent Nick, and newcomers Steve the Supplier, & FU Kyle. We sample a variety of IPAs from Sun KingHoof HeartedRussian RiverSeventh SonHalf Acre, & Real Ale, plus a Sponsor Spotlight beer from Destihl. Over the course of the show we discuss Blake's Near Death Experience, Co-Op No More, Great American Popcorn is Delicious, Roseanne Halloween Episodes, Eat Another Sandwich Kimmy Gibbler, Is Billy Squier Indie?, Pliny Beer Boner, Killing Macaulay Culkin, Steve Loves Steel Magnolias, Monk Beer Bongs, Cards vs Cubs, Don't Cross Streams, Blowmeington, Beermansky is on Untappd, Half Acre in Central IL, Blake's Bonus Beer, Indie Beer, and Eskimo Brother Dads. The Artist of the Week is Olivver the Kid and we play two of his songs. Calling this episode entertaining is an understatement. Cheers!