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Mar 6, 2016

Dustin heads to LaSalle to hang out with Matthew RyanBrandon Sampson after their performance at The Social Kitchen. Also joined by new friends Mikey from Those Dirty Thieves, and Dave the Promoter, we have an in depth conversation about a variety of topics. The Resurrection of Matthew Ryan, Smoky Manhattans, I Feel Dirty, Zombeaver, Knowing When You Write a Great Song, MidnightRide to Moscow, Surly/Bent River/New Glarus, Boxers, Matthew Nearly Hung It Up, Brain Fallon's Tweets Save the Day, Does My House Smell Weird, Patrol Cars, "Far More Sinister Than I Recall", Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Everything, Wet Taint Money, Giving Brandon Pink Eye, Right From the Teat, Battle Born, Inspired By the 'Mats, Keeping Music Alive. This is a great conversation with two talented musicians and getting a glimpse into their creative process. Enjoy!