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Nov 26, 2017

Drunken Lullabies

EP 104 "Breakfast Pizza & BMs"


Band/Label/Artist/Beer Twitter Handles: @DESTIHLbrewery, @GetSpiked13, @alertthemedic, @surlybrewing, @3floyds, @Drugs_Delaney

The Voice is at home in Drunken Lullabies Studios and joined by returning guests Andrew & Nick from Drugs Delaney, as well as newcomers Eric & Nathan. We play Spin the Bottle, followed by some beer from Surly, 3 Floyds, Eric's homebrew, and a Destihl Sponsor Spotlight. We enjoy some music from our Band of the Week, Alert the Medic, between beers and even enjoy a new song from our guests Drugs Delaney to close out the show. Subscribe, Rate, and Review the show on Apple Podcasts, and send an email to be a part of Drunkamaniac Mail.

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