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Jan 31, 2016

The Voice & Beermansky invite along their buddies Hippie, Drunkle Andy, & Philthy Phil for some strong beers from The Bruery. These are strong beers so we get a bit rowdy and find our conversations going all over the place. Topics include Sasquatch, Drunkle Andy sh!ts his pants, Molecular gastronomy, Hippie wants tacos, Big Lebowski quote off, A$$ monocles, My Strange Addiction vs Taboo, Blake's N64 games, Coffee Talk, Easing into sours AND anal, Getting to know Philthy, and Beermansky dick pics. It's a lively show, what can I say? Our Artist of the Week is Matthew Ryan, and we enjoy a couple of his songs from his album Boxers.
Beers enjoyed this episode: Black Tuesday, Grey Monday, Mocha Wednesday, & Tart of Darkness.