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Jul 24, 2016

EP 34 “Sterile Lube With Drugs”
Beer Twitter Handles: @newglarusbeer, @pearlstreetbrew,@tightheadbrew, @newhollandbrew, @StoneBrewingCo, @destihlbrewery
Band/Label/Artist Twitter Handles: @drugs_delaney,
Drugs Delaney Facebook
The Voice and Beermansky are back in Blake's Love Hole along with their old friend Andrew (aka The Beast) from Drugs Delaney and he brought their drummer Nick the Beer Hunter along for the show. We catch up and listen to a couple tracks off of the Drugs boys' new album Black Knight Satellite. While we talk nonsense we enjoy beers from New GlarusPearl StreetTightheadNew HollandStone, & Destihl. Topics this week include Guess Who's Chugging, Concerts Galore, Unboxing & Video Games, Shame On You Mudvayne, Sweet Heat, Bob Has a Vagina, Sour Goosebumps, You High Schooled It, I Don't Wanna Be Seen in ALDI, and Ultimate Warrior's Eulogy.