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Mar 28, 2022

Taylor's sudden passing had me revisiting some old favorites and I felt like celebrating the music in a fun new way. So I put together some of my favorite Foo Fighters mashups from over the years into a nonstop seamless 103 mins of amazing music. Tracklisting is below. Crank it up and enjoy one of the greatest rock and roll drummers of all time.

  1. Disfunctional DJ - Loser & The Pretender (vs Beck)
  2. Bring Me to the Pretender (vs Evanescence)
  3. Ca-Folk Connection - A Girl Pretended to Kiss Me (vs Katy Perry)
  4. William Dixon III - Learn to Play Poker (vs Lady Gaga)
  5. Aftonland - Personal Jesus Learns To Fly (vs Depeche Mode)
  6. Mandy's Mashups - Run to the Best of You (vs Bryan Adams)
  7. Sweet Times Like These (vs Guns N Roses)
  8. William Maranchi - Walk But It's September (vs Earth Wind & Fire)
  9. Kill_mR-DJ - Bye Bye Pretender (vs NSYNC & The Kid LAROI)
  10. DJ Petro - My Hero's Notion (vs Kings of Leon)
  11. William Maranchi - Superhero (vs Soulja Boy)
  12. Kill_mR_DJ - Wrecking Fighters (VS Miley Cyrus)
  13. Menacing Bunny - Ropelover (vs The Lonely Island)
  14. YITT - Monkey Behind (vs The Donnas)
  15. iWillBattle - Times Like Vegas (vs Elvis Presley)
  16. William Maranchi - All My Pokemon (vs Pokemon)
  17. Tungerman - Pretendipity (vs Flip Flappers)
  18. J.E.B. - Eon Pretender (vs Virtual Self)
  19. Grave Danger - Elastic You (vs Sia)
  20. Krypticos - Beautiful Monkey (vs 311)
  21. Tino - XO 3verlong (vs Lil Uzi Vert)
  22. Mashmeister - Ever La La La Long (vs Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith)
  23. oki music - Everlong I Used To Know (vs Gotye)
  24. YITT - Dear Jude (vs Beatles & Oasis)
  25. iWillBattle - Hot Waiting on a Cold War (vs Katy Perry)
  26. Michael Yanoska - The Feast & the Monkey Wrench (vs Foo Fighters)
  27. William Maranchi - All My Sick Sick Sick Life (vs Queens of the Stone Age)
  28. Kill_mR_DJ - You Came to Catch Rosemary (vs Calvin Harris ft Rihanna & Kosheen)
  29. ah! - Herobeats (vs Jose Gonzalez)
  30. YITT - My Red Hero (vs Taylor Swift)
  31. iWillBattle - All My Blank Space (vs Taylor Swift)
  32. DJ Petro - Something From Holy Diver (vs Dio)
  33. YITT - Walk Through Glass (vs Stone Sour)
  34. iWillBattle - Something Kinda Foo Fighters (vs Girls Aloud)
  35. Samuel Deacon - Sweet Monkey Wrench Alabama (vs Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  36. YITT - Long Simple Road (vs Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  37. Foo Fighters - Imagine Jumping (John Lennon vs Van Halen)
  38. ABRUZZI - Jump Like These (vs Van Halen)