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May 30, 2022

  1. DJ John - Teenage Wasteland 1999 (The Who v Prince)
  2. DJ Zebra - Body Crazy (Prince v Beastie Boys)
  3. reconthuse - Any American Idiot of Mine (Shania Twain v Green Day)
  4. Wuki - Doug Does Shots (Lil Jon v Doug)
  5. Grave Danger - Helena That Got Away (My Chemical Romance v Katy Perry)
  6. Jack Roger - Snap Bye Bye (Lil Jon v Post Malone v NSYNC v Ray Charles)
  7. AnDy Wu - You Need to Calm Down Sunflower Paper Planes (Taylor Swift v MIA v Post Malone)
  8. CTMusic - Drive By Stars (OneRepublic v Train)
  9. DJ Schmolli - Back Door Pill In Ibiza (Mike Posner v CCR)
  10. Rappy - Spice Up Your Animals (Spice Girls v Martin Garrix)
  11. Adrian A - Truth Hurts One More Time (Britney Spears v Lizzo)
  12. jimmylin - Toxic Bad Guy, Look What You Made Me Do (Britney Spears v Billie Eilish v Taylor Swift)
  13. Jack Roger - Everybody Rock Da House (Backstreet Boys v Ray Charles v Shiba San)