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Feb 28, 2022

Mash-Up Monday 2/28/22

After a conversation on a recent episodes of Radio Rewind, I was inspired to dig out my old mash up CD-Rs and do something with them. Peoria may not have been ready for this music in the clubs 20 years ago, but let's see how it plays in Peoria now.

Tracklisting is by song titles only. I don't have documentation of everyone who made these tracks all those years ago, but thanks for making them!

  1. Just a Reptilian (Dizzee Rascal v The Strokes)
  2. Justify Mykel & Carly (Jay-Z v Weezer)
  3. Karma In the Life (Radiohead v Beatles)
  4. DMX Impossible (DMX v Mission Impossible)
  5. Wrapped Detective (Elvis Costello v The Police)
  6. I'm Sorry, Mr. Smith (The Cure v Outkast)
  7. Slow Angel (Massive Attack v Kylie Minogue)
  8. New York at Last (Freddie Mercury v Smash)
  9. Breathe Superman (Eminem v The Prodigy)
  10. Whoomp It's mOBSCENE (Tag Team v Marilyn Manson)