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Apr 17, 2016

Dustin is joined by Microwave from Atlanta, GA a indie rock band currently on tour opening for The Wonder Years. We are on location at DESTIHL Restaurant in Normal, IL during the lunchtime rush, so pardon the noise. We enjoy 5 DESTIHL beers and chat about a plethora of topics and get a little tipsy as well: Tito Drinks Fast, Beer & Fried Chicken, R.I.P. Transit, Nathan Has the Bladder of an Infant, Snarker Posey, New Album on the Way, Competitive Eating, Incestuous In the Best Way Possible, Someone Stole My Clothes, Kill Your Beer, Blink 182, Tyler's Diva Cat, Fell In Love with Bud Lite, Sorry Robert Smith, Chatting with Benjamin, Prodcast, Breweries vs Brewpubs, & Cheers to Beers.
We play 3 songs from Microwave and encourage you to check them out on tour and listen to their music.