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Mar 27, 2016

Dustin is on location at DESTIHL Champaign and joined by Whitney from DESTIHL along with Jonny & Eamonn from Chicago indie rock band The Kickback. We drink a selection of great beers from DESTIHL and have a conversation about a number of things: All Day Drinking, The Gunitas, Natty Boh, DISASTOUR podcast, SXSW, Mr Yost Is In a Band, A Lil Bit Gotye A Lil Bit Dylan, Done With Pumpkin Beer, DESTIHL Is In the Bible, Tecates with Spoon, Unofficial in Champaign, & Picks of the Week.We feature 3 songs from The Kickback this week: Sting's Teacher Years, Scorched Earth Brouhaha, and White Lodge.