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Feb 21, 2016

The Voice & Beermansky are joined this week by some fellow Peoria Area Beer Nerds; Cicerone Mike and Black Cat Chad. This episode is all about sours and we enjoy some from The Rare BarrelDestihl Brewing, and Une Année. Highlights include: Don't give up on sours, Budget issues, The story behind the song, Tons of funk, Cicerone goes poetic, Stinky McFatBottom, How we got our name, Metallurgy: Bottle vs Draft, Dishing Destihl, Beermansky chugs, Piss Break, Hobo Math, The Brown Note, & Beer road trips. Music this week is from Charleston, SC's SUSTO. We play two of their songs and chat with singer Justin Osborne about the stories behind the tunes and some favorite places to drink. Beers enjoyed on this episode: The Rare Barrel's Impossible Soul, Wise Guise, & Supermassive, Destihl's Metallurgy Pear & Saint Dekkera Excommunie Deux, and Une Annee Le Seul II.