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Aug 7, 2016

Drunken Lullabies
EP 36 “ABNormal Drinking”


Band/Label/Artist Twitter Handles: @quietcompanytx


Dustin is on the road at the For What It's Wort beer competition in Bloomington. Joined by Hollaback Bryan from White Oak Brewing, as well as Cellarman Tim, Double A Alex, and O.G. Stache Mark from Destihl Brewery. Our Band of the Week is Quiet Company from Austin, Texas. We enjoy some great beer from White Oak, Destihl, Oskar Blues, and several Medal Winners from the competition. Topics discussed include ABNormal Brewers, Depeche Mode beer, BloNo Turf War, The Secret is Hand Turned Valves, Mid-show Drinks at Flinger's, Mustache Wax in the Mix, I Like This Beer, I Pour It On My Eyeball, Apple Juice Oktoberfest, Attacked By Ants, Double A Cups, and Ms Jackson If You're Nasty.