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Feb 7, 2016

The Voice & Beermansky are joined by Freckles and Brutal Eric this week for some great fruit beers from New Glarus Brewing and Eric's Brutal Truth Brewing. We say Wisconsin a lot, find out Briana doesn't like cherries or pumpkin, talk Back to the Future, Eric's alone at Beer Fest, something tastes better than it smells, Are gourds vegetables?, Homebrewing with Brutal Eric, Chili's needs better beer, Freckles & Beermansky get jelly, 3 Floyds beef jerky, Blake's ridiculous facial hair, and Indiana's stupid beer laws. Join us for a fun episode that ends up being informative and entertaining as we drink some delicious beers.
Beers featured this episode: Wisconsin Belgian Red, Pumpkin Pie Lust, Apple Ale, Raspberry Tart, Enigma, Strawberry Rhubarb, MF'n Great IPA, & Got Milk Stout.